Morocco Berber Tours is born of the taste for Morocco and the desire to make you know this country better, the desire to travel, the taste for adventure, to know different places and cultures. Morocco is still seen by some as a dangerous and unfit country to receive tourists / travelers. For these reasons we want to help dismystify certain prejudices and collaborate in the realization of a dream trip, for this, there is nothing better than to be guided by a "place" that can lead you to any place you want, but also to each corner that does not even know it exists, without worrying about losing or not knowing how to do or react in a particular situation, for that reason we work with the best. Youssef is a young Berber born and raised in the southern desert of Morocco. Speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Arabic and Berber. Youssef appreciates the simplicity of life and the desert and finds great pleasure in explaining the quiet life of the southern Berbers to travelers. He has experience as a travelers guide through Morocco, his specialty is the routes through the desert and camel rides in the south. Affable and patient, experienced and considerate,Youssef has the qualities that made him a very competent guide and a great traveling companion. Determined to share the beauty, excitement and history with travelers who want to live an adventure in Morocco. There are lots of things to see and do in Morocco and if the traveler wants to make the most of his visit, he should contact the guide himself so that he can suggest the best trip according to the number of days he wants to spend in this country, this will advise you and present you the budget for your trip. Youssef will take care of accompanying you on your trip and show you Morocco in the best possible way, to enjoy your trip, the Guide can accompany you from your arrival at the airport, train station, on the journeys from their hotels, to anywhere in Morocco that they want to know.